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Nursing Career

The Importance of Nurse Mental Health

The stresses of Nursing aren’t a secret to anyone. There are long hours, lack of resources, loss and grief, and family-life balance. Each of these can weigh heavily on a healthcare provider like a nurse, or CNA (Certified Nurse Aide). And sometimes these stressors can be difficult to deal with – especially during busy or

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Becoming a Nurse

Why More Men are Getting Into Nursing Careers

Looking to grow your career (and salary)? If you’re a man or identify as male in the greater Miami-Dade/Broward area, you might want to consider a career in healthcare and, in particular, nursing. “There does appear to be an increased demand for more male nurses in the healthcare field,” notes Claudia M. of First Care

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Becoming a Nurse

How To Prepare for a Career in Nursing in Miami, Florida

Nursing careers in Miami are on the way up, up, up, and there’s no sign of that trend reversing anytime soon. Maybe now is the time you choose to begin a nursing career in Miami? The application and enrollment process usually only takes a couple of weeks, and you can be practicing in as little

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