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Five Good Reasons to Come Back to Nursing School-Right Now!

Have you always wanted to become a nurse? 

Maybe you knew it at a young age; nurturing toys and friends. Maybe you discovered a love of science or caregiving in high school or college. Maybe you’ve even taken classes towards becoming a nurse, but something else got in the way. Life. Jobs. Children. We get it.

At Sovereign School of Nursing, we want to work with people just like you! If you’ve ever thought about checking to see how many of your existing credits might transfer, we’d like to talk with you.

There are many reasons to become a nurse right now, chief among them—demand. Demand for skilled nursing, homecare nurses, RNs, and LPNs is on the rise, especially in the Miami Dade and Broward areas. 

  • To meet the increase in demand, hospitals are increasing salaries and benefits to get and keep nursing staff. 
  • Benefits like more time off, more flexible scheduling, and career development opportunities are becoming more common offerings to entice nurses to apply. 
  • Hospitals are also hiring new nursing graduates to work in specialized roles (ORs and other areas), which allows these new grads to advance their careers more quickly than they would have before the shortage. 

If those aren’t enough reasons to convince you to become a nurse, here are five of our favorite reasons:

  1. Salary: According to recent salary data on, nursing positions in Florida, show the average registered nurse (RN) salary is $64,890 and RNs in Florida enjoy excellent job security. The highest-paying region is Miami, with an average RN salary of $72,300. Other major metro areas like Tampa ($71,300) and Naples ($68,930) are also above the typical statewide nurse earnings. 
  2. Jobs: Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 7 percent from through 2029, faster than the average for all occupations. Most of these positions will be in hospitals in cities like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida. 
  3. Training: To be eligible to work as an RN in the state of Florida, you will need a nursing degree such as an ADN or a BSN from a school approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, and you must pass the NCLEX-RN examination to obtain your licensure. 
  4. Career Choices: As a nurse, you can choose to work in a variety of career settings. An RN degree may allow you to teach nursing, or pursue a master’s degree in nursing or become an administrator. The outlook is only improving for these types of positions.
  5. Tuition Assistance: To specifically support single parents meeting extreme low-income criteria (as outlined by Sovereign School of Nursing) we award a one-time grant of up to $2,500 to eligible students enrolled in the ASN program. 

If you are thinking of completing your nursing program, with a reputable school that will allow you the opportunity to become a nurse, consider Sovereign School of Nursing. We can assist you with the first steps to get started.

Call us today at 305-945-5677 to discuss your needs. Sovereign School of Nursing will help prepare you for the NCLEX and start you on your way to a higher paying career.

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