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How To Manage Personal Life and Nursing School – 17 TIPS!

It can be challenging to balance personal life and nursing school. But it is not completely impossible. Here are some steps that you can take and incorporate into your daily routine to help you manage your time and be successful in both areas of your life.

  1. Create a schedule

Though planning can seem a little daunting, it is helpful in the wrong run. So, plan out your day and week in advance. Dedicate study time, clinical time, and personal time, and stick to it. The organization helps stay on track and prevents burnout.

  1. Prioritize: 

Depending on the deadlines of your assignments and projects, tackle the most important tasks fast. This helps you stay focused and keeps you from getting anxious about pending tasks.

  1. Manage your time effectively: 

Use time management strategies to stay on track, and avoid procrastination. For example, the Pomodoro Technique is an effective management strategy. 

  1. Set boundaries: 

To stay focused, you must and maintain boundaries with friends and family. The people around you must understand the time and commitment required for nursing school.

  1. Learn to say no: 

There might be times when you need to decline requests or invitations because you have deadlines that need your attention, or because you have designated that time to reset your internal clock and preserve energy over the weekend. Be selective in the commitments you make with other people outside of school.

  1. Make time for self-care: 

As a future nurse, you must take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Prioritize your health by maintaining a schedule, getting enough sleep, exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, and setting aside time to relax and recharge.

  1. Communicate with loved ones:

 There will be many times when you will feel bogged down by the pressure and anxiety associated with the nursing profession. So, make sure to keep an open line of communication with loved ones who understand and are willing to help out.

  1. Seek help if needed: 

Since you will require repeated emotional support and help because of the struggle between commitments and the need to relax, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Additional support is often offered by a guidance counselor or academic advisor.

  1. Find a support group: 

Making friends and staying in touch with other nursing students also provides great support. Having a study group where students share tips, notes, and experiences affords the comfort of companionship and belonging. Sharing problems can help you through challenging times.

  1. Take advantage of technology: 

With technology becoming more advanced each day, try to incorporate it into making studying and completing assignments more efficient. A plethora of apps are available to manage schedules, organize deadlines, and take notes. Try to invest some time in finding the ones that work best for you or try asking other students.

  1. Build in breaks: 

Try to incorporate focus study hours with regular breaks to relax and refresh your mind throughout the day. This is an efficient way to prevent burnout and keep your mind fresh.

  1. Learn time-saving study techniques: 

Rather than a traditional approach towards your studies, try to incorporate more time and learning efficient techniques like the use of flashcards, or watching videos to quickly get a strong grasp of concepts.

  1. Look for opportunities for flexibility: 

There are online or hybrid classes that offer more flexibility in terms of schedule. These classes make it easier to balance personal life and nursing school.

  1. Keep your goals in mind: 

To stay focused in trying times, try to remind yourself of your long-term goals, and why you chose to pursue nursing school. This will help you stay motivated and focused during the more challenging times.

  1. Make the most of the time you do have: 

Whenever you have free time, try to stop paying attention to academic commitments. It is your free time after all. So take advantage of that time and make special plans for fun, such as planning a trip, or a picnic to destress and create lasting memories.

  1. Get creative with your study sessions: 

A change in your study environment can potentially boost your morale. So, instead of staying cooped up in your room, find a quiet spot such as a coffee shop to study in. Changing your environment can benefit you positively.

  1. Utilize audio learning:

 Like videos, take advantage of audio-based learning resources such as podcasts or audio textbooks. This is a great opportunity to continue learning while traveling or multitasking around the house.

Keep in mind that everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. But trying new and unconventional methods can be fun and helpful as well.

Remember that balancing personal life and nursing school can be challenging, but with the right strategies in place, it’s possible to be successful in both areas of your life. 

At Sovereign School of Nursing, we aim to assist and guide students in keeping a balance, and they attend nursing school and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s our commitment to guide our students in excellence once they are willing and able to meet our standards. We aim to assist students in being successful so, in turn, they can successfully pass the RN or LPN NcLex exam. 

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