Student Success Story - Patricia E. - Sovereign Nursing
Sovereign School of Nursing in Miami Florida nursing school graduate class of 2022

Student Success Story – Patricia E.

My name is Patricia E. and I’m a recent graduate of the Sovereign School of Nursing

I chose Sovereign for various reasons: Mostly because it was in close proximity to my home. Also, I really enjoyed the variety of teaching styles offered at Sovereign School of Nursing – that works well for me because I have small children.

It’s also very helpful that classes are held more than once a day and labs are held on specific days, on campus.

The cost was reasonable and Sovereign allowed me to set up a payment plan. It’s thanks to Sovereign that I was able to work AND attend school!

Come to Sovereign and start the career you have always wanted. Now is the time!  

Don’t postpone it for another day. Your teachers will work with your schedule so that you can choose your work day accordingly.  

I passed on my first NCLEX attempt! You can too.

-Patricia E.

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