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Study Tips and Healthy Habits to Get You Through Your Nursing Program

Nursing school can be challenging! If it was easy, anyone could do it. But it’s not anyone; it’s YOU! You’re on your way to becoming a nurse (or maybe being a better nurse with more training). Whatever the case, we understand finding the time to go to school, study for tests, AND take care of yourself is difficult. 

We asked our nursing instructors for their best tips for student nurses and the suggestions below were among their top ideas:

  1. Always get plenty of rest. It’s hard to study when your eyes keep rolling back in your head. Research has shown a short (20 minutes or so) nap is a great refresher. Sleeping longer than 20 minutes could leave you feeling groggy and less focused than before. So keep those naps short!
  2. Break tasks up into easy to manage chunks. Got 3 tests coming up? Chunk like materials together and break them up by topic or subject matter.  
  3. Use flashcards and study guides. Some people are visual learners, others have to physically experience it. Writing the terms and definitions down can help cement the knowledge through both sight and touch.
  4. Study with a friend. There’s power in numbers. Share your study time with a friend or a group of other students. More learning methods increase your chances of retaining the information.
  5. Hydrate. Studying could be considered exertion, right? Lots of water helps move blood smoothly through your bloodstream, carrying oxygen throughout your body and invigorating you.
  6. Snacks boost energy and brain function. The right kind of snacks. Don’t reach for those iced brownies or sugar-laden soda (though many rely on the caffeine in sodas). Grab health snacks, high in protein, like nuts, cheese, and fruits.
  7. Ask for help. Nurses face the same mental health challenges as anyone else – maybe more. If you feel overwhelmed, like you just can’t do it, reach out for help. Talk to an instructor, set up a visit to office hours, or tap into your own mental health expert online or in person.

We understand how challenging nursing school can be. That’s why we prepare students for the Florida NCLEX in as little as 14-24 months. We are licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education and the Florida Board of Nursing.

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