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Study Tips to Get You Through Your Nursing Program

Are you one of those students who gets frustrated, thinking you don’t have enough time to finish all your tasks?

Don’t worry you’re not alone!

A lot of nursing students are having a hard time fitting everything in just a day. And Yes! Being a nursing student is really tough and challenging, and time management is the key to make your nursing school life easier. Remember we all have 24hours per day! Let me share with you 4 tips in Time Management and let’s get started on making your Nursing School life easier.

Remove Distraction

According to Dr. Gloria Mark; It takes an average of 23 minutes for a person to fully regain his or her focus on a task after being distracted. Cut out all of the unnecessary distractions. What I’m saying is texting, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and other social media. You might think that “Hey, I will just reply to this message and go back to what I’m doing” but what’s really happening is that you will not notice the time and you already took 30 minutes or more than the hours that you could ever imagine.

Schedule and Prioritize

With proper utilization of time and prioritization of activities, one can easily provide a better quality of work. Make a list that you want to do for a day or week. Think of all the things that will need more of your attention and put it on the top of your list. You may use a planner and write down all the things you want to do or you may simply just write it down on paper to keep you on track.

Combine Tasks

Combine your tasks. You already have your planner ready and the list of what you will do for the day. What we’re going to do is combine some of your tasks. What do I mean by this? For example, you’re on your exercise bicycle, so instead of listening to music you may read a book or study while working out. Dan of RegisteredNurseRN notes that when tasks are properly combined, it can drastically improve your productivity.

Study Tips to Reduce Study time

According to Nina Student recruiter of Sovereign School of Nursing, recording yourself is the best hack you may do for studying. Get your smartphone, open your recorder and record yourself while reading all the terms that you can’t memorize. Then that way you can consolidate your tasks while studying. For example, you may listen to your recordings while doing your workout or even while doing your groceries. That way you will not notice that you have already memorized everything by just listening to it.

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