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Why More Men are Getting Into Nursing Careers

Looking to grow your career (and salary)? If you’re a man or identify as male in the greater Miami-Dade/Broward area, you might want to consider a career in healthcare and, in particular, nursing.

“There does appear to be an increased demand for more male nurses in the healthcare field,” notes Claudia M. of First Care Home Services. “As people become aware of the benefits male-identifying nurses can provide—especially with sensitive procedures—patients might prefer a nurse of a certain sex.” Additionally, she says more male-identifying nurses also help ensure male patients feel represented.

A career in nursing, especially for those who identify as male, has several benefits other careers may not have including:

  1. Projected Career Growth: In 2020, many hourly or part-time jobs were eliminated, leaving both men and women jobless. Nursing became a profession in great demand and, without stable employment options, men began to turn to nursing careers. The demand for Registered Nurses (RN) is predicted to exceed 3.19 million by 2024. Employment of RNs is projected to grow 7 percent from through 2029, faster than the average for all occupations and most of these positions will be in hospitals in large cities like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. And men tend to be promoted more quickly to avoid the “glass ceiling” perception of nursing.
  2. Excellent Pay: Research by Minority Nurse notes that unemployed men who move into female-dominated careers—such as nursing—tend to see a 3.8% rise in their pay. According to recent salary data on www.nursingprocess.org, the average registered nurse (RN) salary is $64,890 and RNs in Florida enjoy excellent job security. The highest-paying region is Miami, with an average RN salary of $72,300. Other major metro areas like Tampa ($71,300) and Naples ($68,930) are also above the typical statewide nurse earnings
  3. Scheduling Flexibility: Since nursing is a unique field, it lends itself well to part-time, full-time, variable, contract, or combination shifts. As more male nurses enter the nursing field mid-career, flexibility is an important contribution to the work-life balance. As a nurse, it’s important to find that balance and this career field is one that can allow you to work your own schedule.
  4. Easier Job Search: Males looking for work in nursing fit a very specific niche that sometimes a female cannot fill. Many men may prefer a male nurse for any number of reasons, and with so many open positions in the field, the opportunity to bring more diversity to the nursing program is readily available. Identifying as a male in a caregiver position also is good role modeling for youth and young adults.
  5. Physical Needs of Nurses: Typically, males are larger, stronger, and have greater endurance than females (nature not nurture) which makes them great team players in a field primarily dominated by women. Male nurses can lift more—extremely helpful when moving a patient. Male nurses may have other physical and mental capabilities that will benefit the entire nursing team and make them the shining star of the staff.

While the benefits to being a male nurse are boundless, when you identify as male and assume a career in nursing, some stereotypes may be suggested to you, such as:

  • Male nurses aren’t as nurturing as female nurses
  • Male nurses are in nursing because they couldn’t get into medical school
  • Male nurses make less than their peers in other careers

The notion that caregiving jobs are women’s work is outdated. None of these stereotypes has shown to be accurate in any way.

Finally, and most importantly in order to work as an RN in the state of Florida, you will need a nursing degree such as an ADN or a BSN from a school approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, and you must pass the NCLEX-RN examination to obtain your licensure.

That’s what the Sovereign School of Nursing does. We will prepare you for the Florida NCLEX and you’ll be on your way to a career in nursing in as little as 14-24 months.

Call or click today to find out if Sovereign School of Nursing is right for you See if you meet our admissions criteria: or call us directly at (305) 945-5677.

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